Land Conservation

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Sand Hill Bluff

With the increase in urban development, it has become evident that land must be set aside for agricultural purposes for the benefit of current and future generations. Agri-culture's conservation program owns agricultural easements for properties owned by farmers to ensure their continued use for agriculture.

Sand Hill Bluff Property

Agri-Culture acquired the Sand Hill Bluff Property in 2005 with grant funds provided by the state of California agencies the State Coastal Conservancy and the California Department of Conservation. Consistent with the requirements of these grants, Agri-Culture will now sell the fee interest while retaining an agricultural conservation easement.

The property consists of a 64-acre coastal agricultural parcel of land in Santa Cruz County, and northwest of the City of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. The entrance to the property is by way of Coast Road, which is a short frontage road to Highway 1.

For more information on the Sand Hill Bluff Property, contact Reggie Know at California Farmlink (831) 425-0303 or